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Thank you

Firstly a Big thank you to both sets of parents Brian and Pauline in England and Asuncion and José Luis in Spain.

Now we would like to thank the following people and organisations for their help and support along the way and if we happen to miss any one out sorry but thank you anyway.

We will try and update this list along the way with useful names and contact numbers along the way.

In no particular order:

Belen and Victor. Support and kindly offering to store "The Beast" my 1963 SIIA SWB Landrover, trailer and motorbike.

Darren from the 101 Club and Register parts department, and all the other 101 anoraks for advice and assistance.

101 Club and Register.

Don and in particular Richard at Brownchurch.


Colin,Roz and the team at Scorpion Racing.


David and Siobhan for cat sitting and support.

Jonathan and Geraldine Crozier. 4x4 Ireland Support and Landrover spares at a very reasonable price.

tel: +353 (0) 876 34 24 34


Neighbours and friends from Stoke Newington, England and Spain, for putting up with us.

Tim and Clare. Support and watching over the house.

Gail, Richard and Shaun our tenants.

Manu Ramos. English to Spanish translation.

tel: +34 91 533 5770

Harry Davies. Web site design and support.


Gonzalo and Ana at Cortespuma for the fantastic foam mattresses.

tel: +34 952 356504